​​The Histone Source
​                                                                                                                 Your source for histones, chromatin, and custom proteins
The Protein Expression and Purification (PEP) Facility

Protein and DNA Production: Histone Source - the PEP Facility primarily produces Xenopus laevis, mouse, human, and yeast core histones and octamers, histone mutants, and several histone chaperones. Additional available reagents includes Arabidopsis and Drosophila core histones, linker histones, histone variants, histone dimers and tetramers, chemically-modified histones, additional histone chaperones, HATs, transcription factors, enzymes, endogenous yeast complexes, yeast whole cell extract, DNA fragments and plasmids. 

Quality Control (QC): Quality assurance of our products is backed by regular analysis such as MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and activity assays to ensure both exacting qualitative and quantitative standards are met for our products. Therefore, every protein made in the facility is linked in our database to general and QC information (protein sequence, molecular weight, pI, preparation date, A260/A280 ratio, MALDI-TOF mass spectrum, total yield, mg per aliquot, expression cell line, and expression vector). Each plasmid is linked to information on DNA sequence of insert and flanking backbone, translation, resistance markers, tags, restriction sites, pubmed accession number and notes (originating laboratory, point mutations, reference material, etc.). Our primary goal is to give you the best possible preparations for  for your research at highly competitive prices.

Our Facility Instrumentation: Histone Source -the PEP Facility maintains several ÄKTA FPLC instruments as well as the requisite columns for gel filtration, ion exchange and affinity chromatography, separate cell culturing space for bacteria, yeast, and insect cell protein expression, and easy access to advanced Mass Spectrometry equipment at the Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility at CSU.